Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fabricaholics Anonymous

My husband and I have been having "talks" lately about my addition.  He just can't understand why I have this need to buy, and buy, and buy.  Buying more fabric projects then I can complete. 

He has said, "buy 1 project for every 2 that you complete." and he would be happy. 
He has said, "shop in your "store" you have downstairs." (my closet full of projects)
He has said, "use what you have downstairs, you loved it at one point or you wouldn't have bought it."
He has said, "sell everything in your closet and start brand new."

The problem is I have gone through my stash, and have anything I'm willing to part with listed here for sale.  Everything else in my closet I love.  I hope to get to the projects.  I lay awake at night thinking of the projects I bought 5 years ago, and make a mental note to start that one next. 

I think the problem is I started this hobby a little too early in life.  Who decides to pick up quilting right when you start having babies?  What was I thinking?  Between a full time job, 2 little boys, and a constantly messy house, when am I suppose to fit in my sewing time for the hundreds of projects I have bought? 

My goal is - to only buy 1 new project a month if that (I've gotta give myself a little slack for the new lines coming out) and to finish at least 1 project a month from my stash.  12 projects a year (that will make a dent...NOT), but maybe get me motivated and moving to create more! 

Until I have more time and more money, I'll work on these goals, but I'll also be entering every fabric giveaway I can find!  With that in mind head on over here.

Hopefully I can win these little gems!


polly said...

you are grama maude reincarnated! oh, i have a project you will have to squeeze in. i can't part with the lilac fabric. a little quilt for the downstairs bedroom..please???!!! (at least the fabric won't be at your house).

Travelin'Oma said...

You are Grama June, too. She used to give us fabric for Christmas with a promise to turn it into something. And cleaning out her fabric cupboard was a lesson in fabric trends. We could have turned it into a college course.

You could have so many worse addictions, and you can barter material for food when the earthquake hits. It's a storage program.

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