Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Schnibbles Finish - sort of

Remember my Schnibbles Impaired post - I clearly have issues finishing these small blocks, but I finally got them finished.  Not into 1 quilt, but 3 table runners - all a little different from one another.

The first one has a aqua pieced border and went to live at Whitney's home (shocker she takes home everything!)

This one is my favorite I think of the 3 and has a small aqua pieced border and then a white and pink pieced outer border.  I love this line (Martinique by 3 Sisters) and I love how the colors work together.

The last one I made a bit wider with a bitty red inner border and a aqua paisley border.  I think the red border really pulls the stars out.  Loving the paisley print.

After I realized the actual schnibbles quilt wouldn't be completed, my goal was to get them finished somehow.  I didn't need another unfinished project laying around.  I quickly quilted the finish runners with a baby loop and finally got them bound the last week or so.  Even though they didn't turn out like I wanted, I am thrilled with these little runners.  Maybe more so then I would have been with the actual quilt.  Nice to have them bound and done!  I can add another finished 2012 project!  Its been awhile so I'm glad I can get one added to the list.

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