Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Quick Getaway

So a few weeks ago - Mike decided to book a week up in Park City.  I was a little annoyed as I am so busy at work these days - how would I be able to get away?  He also booked it on a weekend when I had a big roll out and wouldn't be able to come up right away.

Friday night rolls around and he got the kids all packed up and ready and headed up.  They spent the night hot tubbing and playing their ipads. 

I finally got up there around midnight - to sleeping boys. 

I was amazed at how much we did Saturday and Sunday.  We had such a fun time and did so much - it made it all worth the trip. 

Saturday we went sledding at Gorgoza Park.  It was so much fun!  If you have little ones - and are in the area I would highly recomment it. 


We had a little take out at Baja Cantina and then Jake and I went out for a little night skiing.  It is so peaceful and nice to be up there at night.  I love to watch Jake ski - he loves it so much.  He wants to stay out all night!  He fell once or twice and when I went over to help him up he looked up at me and said - "that was a good battle wound mom". 

Sunday, Mike headed out to ski while the kids and I were lazy and laid in bed.  It was nice to sleep in and not have to do anything or be anywhere.  Jake went back out for for another day of skiing and by the end of the day he was going up lifts and getting mad that Mike wouldn't let him ski down blue runs.

Sam and I decided we were going to hit the Alpine Coaster Sunday afternoon.  He wanted to go fast the whole ride up - but as soon as we started going down, he wanted me to slow down.

All in all we had a nice little getaway.  I'm always surprised at what gets backed into a few days.  We spent time hot tubbing and the boys even swam.  

I would never tell Mike, but I'm glad he booked the room, even though I wasn't happy at first.  It was a nice needed break away from life.  Something we should do more often!



Polly said...

so fun to see their cute smiling faces in the snow!

Polly said...
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Katta said...

awesome - i love it!