Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Best Friends

Having 2 kids fairly close together in age - I've longed for the days where they get along well and start playing together like buddies.  I'm slowly seeing the benefits of not having an only child - for awhile I wasn't sure there was one...haha

Last weekend we took a little trip down south.  The weather was warm and my kids thought it was summer.  They were so excited to be out and about.  

Playing the water, playing at the park.  

Having fun and being silly together.  

I love the below picture, even though its blurry.  Sam just ran down the waterfall steps which is was nervous to do.  They ran down holding hands and at the bottom Sam was so excited saying "I did it, I did it." and Jake was clapping for him.  Such cute brother love.  

We came home and of course reality sets back in.  I work from home on Tuesdays and in recent months have spent my days on calls, which means I shooing these 2 away all day.  Last Tuesday Jake decided to take on the babysitter role.  While I was downstairs on calls, he made popcorn, put it in a bowl, poured them some drinks and was learning how to turn on their show when I came up to check on them.  They played so good together all day.  Sadly around 4pm Jake goes to his Little Gym class and as he was getting ready all the happiness, togetherness of the day fell apart.  

All day long Sam had been telling Jake that he was his best friend - it is what a mother waits to hear with 2 little toddlers running around.  Well, as we were loading into the car to take Jake - 
Sam says - "Jake, you're not my best friend anymore, dad is"
Jake getting hysterically says he's been replaced.  I tell him to calm down and he says 
"I have done EVERYTHING for him today - and he just replaced me with dad!" 

Needless to say - they were both crying hysterically by the time we got to Little Gym.  So much for having perfect days.  

Today their project of the day was to dump out their piggy banks and count their money.  Trying to put it together in piles that = dollars....We'll see how long this projects lasts today!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story about your boys. My 4 girls are all grown now(youngest almost 19) and yes they fought at times but for the most part they enjoyed each other and now consider their sisters their best friends. I never allowed my children to be cruel or unkind and when they were they had to make it right. Persevere your boys will be buddies too!

Melia Mae Quilting said...

So sweet! I know what you mean though. I love it when the girls really get along for a day or even a half hour. Cherish those moments. I am hoping we will see more of them as the kids grow up!

Polly said...

i love watching them play together. even though they sometimes fight they love each other. sam is always so excited to see jake when we pick him up at school. they love to tell each other what they've been doing. love that jake is taking responsibility for sam!

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