Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Much Needed Vacation - Instagram Version

This last week the little family and I took off for a week of fun in Newport Beach.  I don't know if I've ever been so excited for a trip in all my life.  With the craziness of work these days, this was a much needed break.  Even if I had to work a little on this trip, who can complain with this view from our room?  

We hit up Disneyland and California Adventure.  This place truly is magical.  We haven't been in over a year, and I can't explain in words how much fun it was to see Sam here.  He is a fun child, but a hard child also.  I have never seen him more happy than he was here.  The only time he cried was when we had to get off a ride and he wanted to stay on.  Those tears quickly dried up as we told him we were running off to yet another ride.

We spent some time at the beach.  Its is so fun to watch the boys.  Sam is afraid of the waves and runs whenever one comes near him.  Jake is the opposite and runs right into the ocean.  Not caring at all if his clothes get wet.  He even screamed at one point "I love the water" I love that I have water babies.  We also ventured an hour or two to spend some time with Mike's brother and his family.  So fun to see them.  We even left the kids and hit up a casino for an hour or was dreamy - I haven't done that in years!

Sam was happy and excited the whole vacation.  Telling me how the roller coaster goes "there, there, and there really really fast" using his arms to motion the there and there.  He said cheese for every pictures and loved the fireworks.

Jake and I rode on the Tower of Terror together.  So funny to watch the differences in these two boys.  Sam is so excited and animated while Jake is very composed and virtually no emotion on his face.  Then we get off the ride and he says - "so how did you like it?"  As if he's 50 and I'm 10.  I was screaming and he didn't make a sound.  About 5 minutes after the ride he said, that was awesome, and that I didn't need to be nervous cause it wasn't scary at all.  How big this one has gotten.

Overall - it was a wonderful week.  Usually at the end of a vacation I'm ready to come home - not this time.  I could have stayed forever.  I could have moved there.  No desire to be home whatsoever!  Luckily we are hoping to go back in the fall to see Cars Land open in California Adventure.  Sam will go nuts!

Photos above are ones I took in Instagram and have no idea how to make them bigger or smaller (weird that one is bigger than the rest) or mess with that app at all - I'll have to read up.  I do have some great pictures on my camera I'll post once they are downloaded.  Until then, I love the image of Jake and Sam running on the beach.

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