Monday, May 14, 2012

Menu Mondays

I have to pat myself on the back - that I stuck to my menu except for Thursday as Mike and I went out at the last minute.  Well worth pushing back the menu.  An those sloppy joes will get their day this week.

Friday I made the maple glazed chicken kabobs with sweet jalapeno salsa for my family - we had our first swim party of the year.  It was very last minute with my sister Whit her husband Jason, my brother Nick, and my brother Tyler, his wife Mel and Dylan their cute little guy.  I hope they had a fun night as I had such a fun time with them all.  The night made me excited for this summer and lazy nights hanging out at the pool with my best friends.  The point of this - the maple glaze and the salsa was so good!  I'm kind of obsessed with it and what else I can make with it right now!  Tonight we had shrimp kabobs using the same glaze and salsa - LOVED it.  Right after dinner I called Whit to tell her we may be having this for lunch tomorrow.  Grilled shrimp on lettuce with the salsa mixed in as dressing....the beauty of a healthy meal - I love it!

On to this weeks menu....

Monday - Shrimp kabobs with Maple Glaze and sweet jalapeno salsa w/ fruit salad (this week blackberries and mangos added a special little touch!)
Tuesday - Sloppy joes w/fruit
Wednesday - Pork roast, roasted potatoes, salad
Thursday - Steak w/mango salad
Friday - Grilled chicken w/ strawberry and avacado salad

BTW - all the recipes we tried last week were delicious!  It was a good week of new meals.  I love weeks like that. 

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