Friday, March 30, 2012

The Important Things...

I can't believe its been 20 days since my last post.  This month has been a rough month.  My work has gotten extremely busy and there has been no time to do anything else.  My house is a wreck, my kids don't know who I am anymore, and my sewing room - well that's a whole other story - there are probably cobwebs steaming the room by now. 

I had to travel for work this week - I spent the week before at work - literally - one shift was a full 24 hour shift, going on about 40 hours with no sleep.  I went in early, stayed late and came home with my laptop attached to me.  Mike said one morning as I was getting ready - with the laptop sitting on the bathroom counter "I can't wait for the next week to be over". 

It has been warm here and as I left town the trees were starting to bud and blossom.  By the time I came home at 1am this morning I could see the streets lined with white blossoms - the trees have all bloomed in a few short days.

Mike informed me this morning that Sam no longer says "I do" but now says "yes" when you ask him a yes/no question.  It made me sad this morning as he said yes to me because in a few days he has grown up.  He talks clearer, he has turned into Jake's shadow and is growing up. 

Today I worked from home as I have been gone all week.  Whit, Marta, and Benj came over for lunch and it was so fun to watch the 3 boys play together.  Sam would come running inside and grab me to follow him out and push him on the swing.  An hour later he did the same thing to get the tball equipment out, an hour later we jumped on the trampoline.  We laid on the tramp for a minute and he pointed at the sun, told me the sky was blue and clouds were white.  We played ring around the trampoline and I'm gonna get you.

Mike has turned into Disneyland dad - cleaning the house, taking care of the kids trying to relieve any stress he can for me. 

After the last few weeks I have to sit back and think of what is really important.  Not work or the money it brings in.  But the family I have at home.  The changes my little ones make each day and the idea that they won't be small forever.  The wonderful husband and best friend I have at home.  The help and support I get from my family.  The important things in life are what make it all worth while.


Polly said...

beautiful post. you are extremely blessed with two cute boys and a supportive husband. you do a ton for them and i admire how you handle it all.

Polly said...
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Travelin'Oma said...

You're wise!