Monday, April 2, 2012

Menu Mondays

I'm still loving the Bountiful Baskets I'm getting each week.  It is really helping me plan healthier meals to use up all the veggies!

My cousin Heidi has been feeding me ideas on what to do with cabbage.  I made this last week and it was delicious.  Mike didn't want to even try it because he is against cabbage in general but I told him that wasn't a good example to set for our kids.  So he ate it, and LOVED it.  This was a quick and easy dinner that I felt was pretty healthy.  Love that!

So here is this weeks menu

Monday - Thai Peanut Chicken stir fry w/noodles (my neighbor made the sauce - so good)
Tuesday - Grilled Salmon w/ roasted veggies
Wednesday - Orange Chicken w/ broccoli (another suggestion from Heidi)
Thursday - Tacos /w fruit salad
Friday - Shrimp Cesar Salad
Saturday - eat out
Sunday - Easter Dinner - ham, cheesy potatoes, asparagus, lemon squares

Here's to trying to be healthy!

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Katie said...

Hey stranger! Nice to see yo back in these parts!
The beef and cabbage stir fry sounds delicious! Wow, I'm not crazy about cabbage either, but I seemyself heading to the store to pick up the supplies I need and making this tonight! I'll let you know how it goes....