Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Some Updates

I have neglected this blog horribly the last few weeks.  Very little sewing has been going on - and safe to say very little cooking has been going on. 

We celebrated our 11 year anniversary at the end of February. And my birthday the following week.    Mike and I headed to Park City to hit the slopes and ended up checking into our hotel room and taking a nap!  The joys of peace and quiet without kids.  My parents brought our kids up that evening and my mom stayed there with us for a few days.  We spent the next 2 days skiing and eating and resting together.  It was dreamy.  I loved skiing and loved watching Jake ski even more.  Trying to figure out how to get pictures off my video camera so I can post my cute little guy. 

We spent every night warming up in the hot tub which Sam loved.  I felt kind of bad that Park City wasn't as much fun for him so I've been trying to make it up to him.

We have gone bowling, which Sam loved and ate pizza along with taking taking them to Toy Story on Ice last weekend.  Sammy loved seeing Buzz and Woody.  He is so into Toy Story right now that it was fun to see him get all excited.  We have a trip planned to Disney in a few months and I am so excited to see him there.  Its fun with the kids get into characters and rides. 

I have been quilting for a few others so I have next to nothing to show!  I did finish all my blocks for my schnibbles of the month - and again I had issues.  I think I'm mentally challenaged when it comes to little blocks.  Instead of putting them all together for one little quilt - I used each strip to make a table runner and now have 3!  Hoping to get them quilted soon. 

My goal this week - eating healthy - quilting a few more client quilts and to sew something for me.  Its been crazy busy at work, so I need some fun time!

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