Friday, February 10, 2012

For the Love of Pinterest

I didn't get much sewing/quilting done this week like I had planned - but I did cook - nearly every night.  This is why I love pinterest - and this is why Mike said last night - "I love the new cook book you've found" because Pinterest is a virtual cookbook. 

The other thing that makes me happy is that sometimes I feel like I'm wasting time when surfing through pinterest - so if I'm actually using recipes, tips, etc that I'm finding I feel like it is knowledge I'm consuming instead of wasted time.

Here is what I've made this week -

Loved these!  They were pretty easy to make - can make in large quantities if needed.  Flavor was great!

Thanks to Whit for the idea - this cheese danish was Mike's pick of the week.

My mom made this and brought it to the super bowl party - it was delicious!

We had these for dinner last night - along with these..

Which I changed up using deli ham, spinach, egg and cheese.  I made enough of these to have for breakfast also. 

If you aren't seeing a theme here - I've been using my cupcake tins a lot this week!  I love the portion control that comes from individual cups.  I can also figure out the calories pretty close so I can watch what I'm eating - yet still feel like I'm eating some decent food. 

I love Pinterest - a few more recipes I will be trying this weekend...

Happy Pinning!

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sarah said...

I made that cheese danish this weekend - YUM!! Me and Al are both obsessed with it now!