Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Wonder

I've had a lot of thoughts about my little one on this trip....

I wonder...will you always have the same energy and excitment for life?
I wonder...when your little baby breath will go away.
I wonder...when our conversations will become more than one word and pointing - and will I miss that?

I wonder...when you will give up naps completely - as you fight sleep like no baby I've ever met.
I wonder... how you can wake up running - literally
I wonder... if your diet will ever be more then milk, coke, chocolate, fries and hotdogs. 

I wonder... when you will stop wanting to cuddle
I wonder... when I pick you up will you stop tucking your arms in
I wonder... when I get home and you run to me, when that will stop

I wonder... will there ever be a time that you and Jake are best friends, without the fights?
I wonder... will you ever sleep through the night.

I wonder with so much fun to look forward to, with hopefully easier communication and the baby stage of crying coming to an end (please let the crying come to an end)...I wonder if I will miss my little baby.  He is my last little one - and I'm amazed at how quickly time goes by.  Each day we find ourselves saying - "I can't wait for this" or "In another year we can do that".  This last week I have found myself watching and wondering - how many of these little traits will change as he gets bigger and bigger - and how much I will long for the days when our conversations were "look" as he pointed, and that is all that needed to be said.

The sweet, devilish little one I have now is slowly but surely becoming a toddler before my very eyes. 

I much longer I have to hold onto my last little guy....


Polly said...

no sleep may be really hard. but little boys who don't want to cuddle up with their mom is lots harder. enjoy these days when he runs up and hugs you and you are the center of his world. he is independent, like you. his little hugs are priceless.

Travelin'Oma said...

This is such a tender, sweet post. You're making wonderful memories to treasure when he walks around with earphones, texting the girls that will be lined up for such a cutie!

Happy Birthday to Mike. It's Dee's bday, too!