Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Jake

Happy 4th Birthday
I can't believe my baby is turning 4 today.  How you've been counting down the days.  The hours spent on youtube looking up toys and telling people what they should give you.  I am so excited  you are at an age that you help plan and prepare for big events like today.

The last four years have been the best in my life.  I have loved watching you grow.  I notice more and more each day how you aren't my little baby anymore.  I marvel at all the strides you've made, lessons you've learned, things you say in your short four years.  It seems like just yesterday I woke up at 4am with my water broken and spent a day waiting for your arrival.  You arrived 3 weeks early and have been early to the party ever since.  You seem to excel fast at everything you put your mind to.  So curious about life, always wanting to learn new words, new games, go to new places.

I have no idea how a child of mine says things like "I'm going to invent a medical transport" or "When I get big I"m going to find a way to get into the iPad" (he literally wants to be in the iPad or tv).  You are so smart and your vocabulary continues to amaze me.  You often use bigger words than I do, and a few I don't know how to spell!

Jake, you are the light of my world and bring such joy into our lives.  You are the best big brother Sam could ever hope for.  You are sweet and kind and make me laugh every day.  I am so grateful you were sent to me.

Happy Birthday!
Love, Mom


Polly said...

Jake is certainly a special boy. I am so grateful to be a part of his life. He brings joy and love where ever he goes. Happy Birthday love, grama polly

whit said...

Happy Happy Birthday Jakey boy!! Love this post and love this boy!!