Saturday, November 7, 2009


Mike and I went to Disneyland once about 6 years ago. We both hadn't been there since we were little, and when we left I think we both felt a little let down. It just wasn't quite as magical as we had remembered.

IN WALKS JAKE - Since having Jake (2 years now) we have now been to Disneyland 3 times. Maybe that is a little excessive to some, but we love it. Jake loves it, and oh is the place ever so magical once again.

We took a trip to Newport Beach the last week in October. We stayed at the Marriott Villa's which were wonderful. Beautiful views of the golf course and ocean from our room. We relaxed, took naps, some of us golfed, swam, went to the beach, and of course hit Disneyland.

Mike's parents were nice enough to go with us. We had a great time with them. I love watching Jake interact with his grandparents. Grandpa chased him around the condo and we could hear Jake scream with delight when he got caught. Grandma read him book after book and played bubbletown with him on the computer. It was so fun to watch him be so content and happy playing with them. I'm so happy they came along for the trip.

Here are a few pictures from the trip to Disneyland.

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