Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 weeks and counting

My due date is coming up. December 3rd to be exact at 7:30am is when I'm currently scheduled for my c section.

Jake was 3 weeks early. Shouldn't that mean that this little man should also be 3 weeks early? I know that isn't exactly how it works, but boy am I ready.

I said to my doctor 3 days before Jake was born "We need to move on to the next stage in this relationship. He is sick of me, I am sick of lugging him around, its time for us to meet." I just knew he would be coming early.

I've known everyday for the last month that I would be giving birth to this new little man that day....he isn't really listening to me. Is that a bad sign already? I just can't convince him what fun a zoombie, tired, mom I'll be if he'd just come and meet me. Stubborn little guy. Keep your fingers crossed. Hopefully any day now.

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