Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Client Baby Quilts

In honor of my baby - who still cries when I take him to school each day - but is fine by the time we pick him up (the teacher swears its a 5 minute thing) I wanted to share a few baby quilts.  

I'm lucky enough to have worked at Pine Needles years ago before I had kids.  Holly who runs the store made this cute quilt for a family member and she's lucky I gave it back!  I fell in love!  I love these colors, the sashing fabric which looks patchworked here, but is printed.  The pattern looks fairly easy and modern or not depending on the fabrics used.  Pine Needles had this pattern kit in chevron and polka dots I think - go in and pick one up!

We chose the Chevron longarm pattern.  Every time I use this pattern - I'm blown away by the texture. 
Every quilt I've used this on is so soft.  I don't know why - but the texture of the chevron softens each quilt up.  Its magical.

A pic of the back - love the row of fabric.  I need to do this more often with my quilt backs.

The next one up was such a cute quilt.  I want to go buy these fabrics and copy it EXACTLY.  I loved the navy chevron - the polka dots - the ombre fabric and the pop of yellow!  Seriously so cute. 

My cute client wanted a wave type feeling - and Waverly  fit it perfectly!  

And this backing!  The V and Co chevron - SO CUTE for a back.  Love this idea and want to go buy this up before I can't find it anymore!

Just a few of the cute baby quilts I've been working on this last month.  

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Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

Love your baby quilts. And the quilting is fabulous. Great colours. The chevrons are very adorable.

Sue Bennett said...

I love the look of the chevrons quilted on that baby quilt. It really makes it. Love your blog.