Tuesday, August 27, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

My little Jake isn't so little anymore.  Yesterday was his first day of Kindergarten!

I can't believe that my little baby is old enough to be dropped off at this big school and be away from us everyday!

He was so excited to go - he woke up on his own about 30 minutes before I had thought I'd have to wake him up "Mom, did I wake up in time to go to school?"  He was excited and happy - and didn't seem nervous at all.  I on the other hand was sick to my stomach and a mess on the inside.

We went to meet his teacher and walk the grounds last week and was given homework to make this gingerbread man.  He decided he wanted clothes sewn onto him, so we made him this cute little outfit.  We stayed up way too late last Saturday coming up with ideas.  Everyone was asleep and he came downstairs to tell me he couldn't sleep at about 10:30pm - so we started on his gingerbread man's clothes.  We had a fun night and hopefully some memories for him.  

I'll admit to getting a little teary after he went inside.  I just can't believe he is big enough to go to school.  He is so ready for this and will love it - but its hard to let your kids grow up and do things on their own sometimes.  

This week has made me want to quit my job (ok I feel that way every week) and homeschool my kids so they are never out of my site.  I've been taking deep breaths knowing this is so good for him and for me - and its all part of growing up - for both of us.  

Next week Sam starts Pre-school and I know the first day of school he will be screaming for me to stay and I'll be bawling, wanting to take him home.  That one is going to be tough!  

At least Jake is easy and excited to be going to school.  This waking up early thing may kill me though!  
The joys of motherhood.

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Sarah said...

My youngest starts school next year and I already feel a little sad. I think it's perfectly normal for Mums to feel like that. I have to keep thinking to myself they're ready, it's best for them, and fake it til I make it that I'm happy!