Saturday, August 17, 2013

Client Quilts

I have quilts I can't believe I haven't posted yet - so you'll be seeing a few here.  I have to say I am amazed every day of the generosity and support from bloggers and quilters out there.  I love all the comments I get - and am amazed at the kindness of strangers out there that quickly become friends.  

Sherri at A Quilting Life blogged about this quilt all the way back in April.  I can't believe I haven't posted pictures of it yet.  I like to share quilts I've quilted to give people an idea of what the designs look like quilted out - but I have to say with this quilt - the fabrics do ALL THE TALKING!

It was so much fun to see a Scrappy Trip Along in person.  These quilts are all over instagram and blogs and I'm dying to get one going - but was thrilled to quilt and see Sherri's in person.  She chose a simple Loops and Swirls pattern which was perfect for this quilt.  I loved working with Sherri and it was so much fun to quilt someone's project which I actually followed all her stages.  Loved seeing her build her blocks, hear the stories about the fabrics and follow her progress on her blog and instagram.  Makes quilting it that much more meaningful!

The next set of quilts were sewn by Jodi of Pleasant Home.  I have been following Jodi's blog for a few years and was thrilled to get to work on some of her quilts.  I love to make table runners - and Jodi has made every cute runner you could ever want to make in life.  If you don't believe me - look here, here, here, here, here, here, and here - and let me tell you - I could link to more!  She has a ton!!!

The first quilt she sent me was her Great Granny quilt from the big quilt along a few months back.  I have started a quilt of my own using the granny block and after seeing this one - know I have to get going!  

Jodi chose the Paisley Playtime pattern.  Worked great with the look and feel of this quilt.  

This is the back.  The polka dot fabric went perfect with all the bright colors of the blocks and I LOVE how she threw the extra blocks on the back.  I need to do this with my backings - adds so much character!

Jodi then sent me another quilt that if I'm being honest - almost didn't get sent back to her.  I can't believe how much I loved this quilt.  I was chasing the sun in these pictures so they are kind of dark - and they do not do this quilt justice at all!

I had never seen a vintage sheet quilt in person.  I've always thought they were pretty and seemed like a fun idea when I'd see them out in blogland - but seeing one in person. You can't believe....

We went back and forth a lot on what pattern to pick with this one.  Jodi finally settled on  
Butterfly Garden.  I don't know if I've told Jodi this - but I was so nervous.  I had never quilted out this pattern before and it wasn't one I was in love with.  So to throw a pattern on a quilt like this...vintage sheets....what if the quilting ruined it?  

The quilting is kind of hard to see in the pictures - but it turned out so cute!  I LOVE this pattern.  

Do you see that butterfly?  It was such a cute fun pattern and I am so glad I finally got to quilt it and see it.  A great lesson to me to not judge the patterns by the picture.  After quilting this one out - I wanted to get yards of white fabric and just quilt a little square of each of my patterns.  Seeing this pattern in person totally changed my outlook on the little snippet of an image we are shown for these patterns.  

Again - the stripe of blocks across the back - adds such good character.  I have loved quilting for Jodi and even more so getting to know her.  Even though we haven't met - I feel like I have a wonderful new friend.  

Starting this little quilting business was meant to be an outlet for my hobby - a way to talk my husband into a new quilting machine and maybe get me out of my full time job.  It has turned into so much more.  I have met so many great people and get to interact with such fun ladies who understand this crazy  obsession we all have with fabric and sewing and balancing our lives!  What a wonderful place this little blogland can be!

I appreciate all the support you have all given me.  I'm very blessed.


jodi@Pleasant-Home said...

Thanks Abby ! Love my quilts!

Darlene said...

They are all stunning, Abby.

Kelly Young said...

The quilting (and the quilts) are all so beautiful! I LOOOOVE that Scrappy Trip!

:) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

Sarah Craig said...

Beautiful quilting, Abby! I'm hoping to start my own little quilting business someday soon - but nervous about taking the plunge into commission quilts. Seeing your beautiful work gives me hope! Whoop whoop for you!!

Ashley P. said...

Your quilting is so pretty. I am working hard to get two tops pieced together just so I can send them off to you. :)

Sherri said...

I sooo love my quilt! New ones coming soon!!!

Thanks so much!