Thursday, May 30, 2013


My boys have been getting along very well lately.  Playing together, laughing together, looking out for each other, excited for each other.  I think watching your kids love being together and having fun together may be the best part of being a mother.  Don't get me wrong - usually the wonderful moment ends in a fight - but the moment was still great.

Last night I was exhausted.  Came home from a long day at work, made dinner, cleaned it up, we ran a few errands and when we got home the kids were playing together.  Not needing any assistance from us parents - just playing and laughing and having a ball together.

I set up shop on the couch and started watching reruns of West Wing on Netflix.  The boys were playing games on the ipad.  Sam sitting next to me humming along to the Star Wars song on Angry Birds.  I paused my show to video him on my phone.  He had no idea - and he LOVES to watch videos of himself.  At the end of the song he saw me holding my phone and said "you can take my picture now".  This boy MELTs my heart.  He is a bundle of energy, stubborn, determined, thinks the world revolves around him.  But he is so much fun.  I love to listen to him talk to Jake and the conversations they have.  I love watching him play games and seeing his face expressions as he gets excited or frustrated.  He is so animated.

The boys went into their room to play together and I continued my show.  Every once in awhile pausing so I could hear their conversation.  My boys are into toys - and they watch kids review toys on YouTube (I blame my husband).  Sam can watch for hours - which is why YouTube has now been removed from the ipad - but last night they were in their room, and had set up toys across the desk.  I could hear them in there practicing their own reviews.  I was laughing out loud listening to my little Sammy describe the toy and what it does - and then you would hear him say "oh look, my brother Jake just came in" like he was introducing Jake into the mix now.  Crazy what these kids pick up at such a young age.  

Mike kept asking me if I was going to go down and quilt.  I needed to - it would have been a perfect night, fairly early, kids were playing well, but I just stayed in bed watching my West Wing, pausing the video to listen to my kids play together.  When it was time for bed - I didn't mind one bit that Sam wanted to sleep in my bed last night.  We snuggled up together and he said "Sure do love you mom".  

Days like this are the best part of being a mom.  I wish I could bottle up these days and keep them forever.  I wish I could be at home with them all day everyday.  Cause you blink and they are grown up - or in really bad moods the next day!  

The joys of motherhood.  


Polly said...

those two are the best. so happy I get to be part of their lives.

Polly said...
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