Monday, April 15, 2013

Menu Mondays

It's been awhile! I have a goal this week - and only 1 goal.  To lose weight!  I'm going to be so hungry and so onary by Friday - but I'm going to do it!

Monday - Pesto Basil Tilapia w/salad (demoing Tilapia at Costco and Jake LOVED IT!)
Tuesday - Basalmic Grilled chicken w/ fruit
Wednesday - Chicken Broccoli Casserole w/grapes
Thursday - Bean Burritos w/edamame
Friday - Turkey Meatballs w/pineapple

For the rest of my meals - I'm focusing on fruit and protein - like edamame, hummas, cottage cheese w/tomatoes.  Maybe throw in a little oatmeal to feel full!

Goal is to eat good - and get active this week!

1 comment:

Bonny said...

Good for you! I find eating chobani yogurt with fresh or pre-frozen blueberries on top is a perfect breakfast!
I am trying to loose weight too - so GOOD LUCK!