Friday, April 19, 2013

Longarm Quilting

I've been putting up a few new patterns on my pinterest board and will be working to add a border board and block board for more custom jobs in the next week or two. 

Currently running a special of ALL Edge to Edge designs are $.01 an inch.  This is a great deal and won't last forever, so take advantage while you can! 
I am offering a 72 hour turnaround on edge to edge designed quilts.
Quilts with edge to edge design but separate border design are $.015 for up to 2 borders. 
Custom quilting begins at $.02 an inch and goes up depending on complexity. 
I have batting available for $7 a yard.
I will ship quilts back - and only charge actual shipping costs. 
No hidden costs!  Quilting, Batting, and tax if you live in Utah are the only charges on the invoice. 

Contact me if you're interested - check out my pinterest board to view designs.


Ashley P. said...

What about if you are in another state? I have a few larger quilts in the 'planning' stage and I really don't want to quilt them on my home machine. haha

Abby said...

Hi Ashley - your email isn't attached to your profile - feel free to email me directly at I would be happy to have you ship quilts and I'll ship back - 72 hour still applies - only additional cost is actual shipping!


Suze said...

I love your work and wanted to let you know I found you through a link at a quilting life.

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Unknown said...

What is the name of the pattern you used to quilt Solar Eclipse in the Charm School Quilt book?