Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Updates

Early weekend started on Thursday night - I went to a sweet play with a few of my in laws.  It was a beautiful play with great music.  Came home at 10:30pm to a sleeping house - all 3 boys were snoring away - so what better time then to flip on General Hospital and finish up Whit's quilt .

Friday night the whole Latimer clan went to dinner to celebrate my in law's 55th wedding anniversary.  It was fun to get together as we don't do it often enough.  Whit was nice enough to tend (thus the bribe of having the quilt done) so Mike and I went out for a little date night.  After dinner we - drove around - couldn't find a movie - hit up one place which was closed - Mike didn't feel like shopping - so we hit a quilt store - he said to keep me happy....does he know me or what?  Once we got home and got those boys in bed (their new bedtime seems to be 9:30 - 10) I had a late night sew.  Didn't come up til 2:30 AM!  I got this little quilt done.  Forgive the messing sewing room - and middle of the night iPhone shot....

I've recently - like in the last week decided its going to be a quilty Christmas - meaning most my gifts are going to be quilts.  Don't know what I was thinking - but here come the late nights!

Saturday we woke up and went to swimming lessons.  My little Sammy finally jumped into the pool without a tear.  He laughed, splashed, and swam happily - has never done that yet during lessons.  Its amazing at how different Sam has acted over the last week - could he really be aware that he is 2 now and he's growing up a bit mentally???

Jake and I spent the day watching shows (he watched, I bound quilts) making Christmas cookies and holiday hearts (his words).  We had fun decorating and eating dough together.  Before grabbing some take out we drove around and saw some lights.  It was a perfect family day together.

Today I finished quilting a quilt, got it bound, cut and sewed together yet another quilt, and finished binding 2 table runners.  Went to church with Jake who had a little talk and did so well, had lovely seafood dinner and did my nails.

Can I just say how much I love productive weekends!

Quality time with my family - check
Quality and quantity time for quilting - check
Completing a quilt that I started 5 years ago - check
Cleaned my house .... 3 out 4 ain't bad right.... at least I got 1 load of laundry in the dryer....that is progress.

Hope you've started your season with Christmas cookies and holiday hearts!

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