Friday, December 23, 2011


Note to self - next year have everything done by December 1st!

We've done a few fun things this month with the kids - and I'm sad to see it end.  I wish we had time to fit in more.

Here are a few of the memories we've made this season.

Jake and I made Christmas brownies

Jake making Christmas cookies - look at the mounds of sugar...

Jakes first Christmas program at school

Sam and Jake meeting Santa - Sam not so thrilled with the idea

Sam eating his first chocolate marshmallow Christmas tree - he loved it

Cousins girls night out party at Marta's- Whit taught us a great Yoga class

Christmas drive through lights at Thanksgiving Point

Sam looks at the window saying WOW and LOOK through the whole drive

Jake drove us through the lights this last time

Kids loved it so much, we've been twice!

We've had a fun December - and have parties galore the next few days.  Stayed up late tonight to get a quilt done and most my wrapping - have a house to clean, clothes to fold, and some binding to get on tomorrow....turning down the home stretch now.  

Hope you're all enjoying the season.

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