Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Snow Kissed Star

I saw this pattern out and about blogland and knew I had to make this quilt.

I searched far and wide for the magazine and was having no luck finding it - when it was delivered to my house!  Who knew I had a subscription?  I should check that out in the future before searching for a magazine. 

Remembering I had a jelly roll of 12 Days of Christmas by the fabulous Kate Spain - I quickly whipped up my first quilt.  You can get 2 of these out of 1/2 a jelly roll.  (Pictures taken late last night, sorry for the dark display).  I threw on the red and aqua border because that is so in right now.  Love how it turned out.

So Sunday I whipped up my second one - cause like I said you can get two out of 1 jelly roll.  I went back and forth for a few days on what borders to add to this one.  I'm more of a traditional Christmas decorator - and usually stick with red and green - so I decided to go with a traditional border with thoughts to actually keep this quilt. 

The two of them together - can't decide which one I really like more....thoughts?

I'll be quilting them this weekend and then I'll decide which one will stay and which will go....

This pattern was fun to make, went together fast and yielding 2 quilts!  What could be better?  I also got 6 table runners from the left over strips.  That is one great use of a jelly roll!

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Polly said...

i am loving all these quilts and runners. Beautiful