Saturday, November 5, 2011


This little guy...

The one who looks curious and guilty.... has always had a love for learning.  He came out of the womb practically talking, he has always loved looking through books.  When learning new words he'll say what does that mean - and asks questions all the time.  Just the other night he said "Apparently, you'll be putting me to bed tonight mom"  What 4 year old uses the word apparently?  And where did he learn that word?  I don't walk around saying it.  So not sure why I'm surprised when my little guy started to read.

Yes you heard me write - my guy is reading and I couldn't be prouder.  What I love more than anything is that he loves it and is so excited!  A friend suggested I get the Bob Book series  which I highly recommend.  Before the end of the night he could read the 1st book all on his own.  We were both so excited for him.  He was so excited to read to his dad - and the next morning to Grama Polly and to Ty and anyone who will walk through our door.  Today Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Ken got a book read to them.  I love that he is so excited for this new skill he has learned.  For the last 3 nights he has wanted to practice his reading and move onto a new book in the series.

I don't know if there is anything more exciting then watching your child learn - and knowing that he loves it.  The feeling I got the first time he read the book all by himself I will never forget.  What a wonderful moment in my parenting world - one I'm sure will always stand out.

So proud of my big boy!

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marta said...

oh. my. goodness! yay for jake. reading already, hooray for his great new skill.