Monday, September 26, 2011

Pure Bliss

After a really crazy, long week at work - a really long LONG flight - we landed in heaven.

I get homesick for Hawaii.  I dream about ocean sunsets, the sand in between my toes and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.  I am a beach person at the core of my soul.  No matter where I am - cold or warm - if the beach is nearby I have to get my toes buried in the sand - and my feet wet in the water.  Its just who I am. 

Yesterday we spent the morning walking the beach.  We saw the new Disney hotel that just opened, ate some breakfast, and watched Sam wave wildly at Mickey who was also visiting the Disney Hotel.  It was so much fun to see him get so excited.  He stood - leaned over a chair starring at Mickey or trying to run into everyone's picture with Mickey all morning long. 

All through breakfast Jake asked if he could go to the beach, "I need to get my toes wet" he said over and over again.  Made me smile to know my little guy feels the same way I do about Hawaii.  As we landed the night before he had been asleep, it was late, he woke up and said to me, "Mom we're here, I'm so excited to be in Hawaii."  Over the last 36 hours he has repeated that numerous times and told me how much he loves Hawaii.

We walked til we were sore yesterday, filled up the car at Costco, bought a few beach toys, napped, hit the pool and then the beach. 

I felt the sand on my toes, the waves move me through the water, a little sun on my face.  Watched Jake swim like a fish, watched others comment on how good a swimmer he is.  He played in the ocean for the first time, chased after fish, created science projects of how the water moved his toys.  Laughed as Sam screamed nervously as the sand moved from underneath him, was curious of the ocean and how it all worked, buried toys in the sand, and chased after birds. 

Unplugged from the world - no laptops, phones, or ipads.

Today we'll actually take the camera with us.

A day with my little family, in the sun, at the beach, making new memories....pure bliss.


al + sar said...

FUN! Im soooo jealous! I am with ya...Im OBSESSED with the beach and sand! Have fun!

Polly said...

i hope you all have the time of your lives "being one with the sun" love, mom...who taught you how