Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Events

I love the first week in September.  The air feels a little cooler especially in the morning and evenings, school is back on, the leaves even start to see a little color in them - by far, fall is my favorite time of year.  This weekend has been full of events.

I took Friday off and stayed downstairs in my quilting room all day.  It was so much fun to get caught up as my machine has been in the shop.  The kids didn't even know I was here until 3pm!  I got a few quilts quilted, a block or two completed - and Whit's turning 20 blocks are sewn and ready to be put in rows.  I'd say pretty eventful!

Saturday we have a little swim party with Jason and Whitney which was tons of fun.  The kids love it when Uncle Fun comes to play.  We laid in the sun and relaxed.  Mike and I even watched a movie last night - we haven't done that in ages!

Today I started getting all the fall decor out - I love transforming my house with Tribute to Fall as we call it in my family.  I'm even getting out the Halloween decor early - (is it too early?) but my kids are so excited I thought why not?  Can't wait to get it all done tomorrow.

I'll be sharing some pics of finished projects over the next few days so I can add them to my side bar of completed projects.  I love making that list longer!  Go check it out.  Hope you're all having a great long weekend.

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