Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January Progress

So I mentioned in this post I was going to use some Bliss for the Buggy Barn quilt Crazy Little Thing Called Love.  I've made a few blocks.

I made these 3 blocks last week.  They went together easily and quickly.  I was kind of dreading sewing all the pieces but if you chain sew them the blocks sew together quickly.  I was also excited because I didn't have a ton of time and it was nice to get all 3 blocks done.  I felt like I actually got somewhere.  You know when you spend the day sewing little pieces and at the end of the day you don't feel like you got much accomplished.  I get discouraged and fall out of love with those projects.  So getting 3 cute blocks completely done in limited time I was thrilled.  I couldn't wait to continue with the blocks.

I had a few hours this weekend.  Things didn't go quite as smooth....

These blocks should have taken me about two hours tops.  I put the freeze paper on the back of the fabric -- and CUT IT!  Even stopping to think, these won't be reversed will they?  No, cut away...and I did.  And guess what - everything was reversed and they just don't go together reversed.  I was so irritated with myself.  So using pieces big enough (my first picks looked much better) I cut out and slowed down to make sure I was doing everything right the second time around.  A few hours later I finally had these 6 blocks to show for my days worth of work!

Even with the set back, I'm loving this line and these blocks.  I can't wait to get these finished.  I just have the word LOVE to cut out - and than I can put it together.  I'm hoping by next weekend I'll have it done and ready to quilt.  I'm kind of wishing I had decided to make the bigger quilt.  But I think this will make a sweet baby quilt.  If only I knew someone having a girl sometime soon!  If anyone is keeping a secret let me know, you'll want to get your name on this quilt!

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