Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Around the Corner

There are a few upcoming events in the next few months that I am so excited for.  I love having things to look forward to.  This Friday I will be taking my first sewing class from none other than Miss Rosie herself.  (OK Miss Rosie, is technically a dog - I'll be taking the class from Carrie of Miss Rosie's quilts).  I am so excited a) to get away from work, and kids, and all distractions and just SEW for almost 2 solid days and b) to take a class from Carrie.  I have heard she is so bright, and funny, and one of the greatest teachers out there.

I'm a little nervous to get going on the first class which is Route 44.  I hear there is a ton of sewing, little tiny 4 patches.  And things are set with triangles, which I'm not great at.  Hopefully Carrie will have some tips for me.

I'm also taking a Mystery Schnibbles class - I'm still debating on fabrics but I'm leaning towards the new 3 Sisters line Oasis.  I just have to find a background fabric now.  I am just thrilled to be heading out with my good friend Ann to spend some quality time sewing!!!!

Also around the corner is our 5th and final Disney trip.  We bought season passes last April and have been taking full advantage.  We are heading to Orlando one more time before they expire in a month or two.  I cannot wait for some sun and warmth.  We have gotten a quick glimpse of the sun here the last few days, and its warmed up a bit, but oh its still so cold.  I actually don't even care if we get to DisneyWorld.  I just want to lay and be "one with the sun" for 10 days!!!

Before we head to Orlando, we are taking quick weekend trip to see my in laws next month.  They are a few hours away - and hopefully a few degrees warmer.  It will be fun for us to see them.  Jake asked the other day if we could jump in the car and head to St. George.  Sadly it isn't that quick of a trip.

Next week Jake starts a pre PreSchool class.  I can't believe I'll be dropping off my little guy and leaving him without me.  I can't believe how quickly these kids are growing!  My baby is going to school!  It will be interesting to see how he does.  (More interesting to see how I do!)  We are also looking to sign him up for T-Ball, Soccer, and Golf in the next few months (not all at one time).  I have to say signing Jake up for sports is something I have been looking forward to for a long time!  I feel like I lived half my life on a baseball field watching my brothers play.  I am so excited to get Jake into some fun team sports.

SPRING is just around the corner!  I don't know about you, but the second Christmas is over I can't wait for spring to get here.  With warmer weather brings swimsuit season...that may be the only down fall.  Got to get more workouts in!  I'm still looking forward to it all!

I love the anticipation of what is coming just around the corner!


polly said...

I used to love to head to painting seminars. it was so much fun to get away for a few days and just paint with my friends. i am also looking forward to spring. the warm weather warms my whole outlook on life.

whit said...

i don't want jake to go to school. he's getting to big. have fun this weekend!!

Sherri said...

You're going to have so much fun in the class with Carrie...I absolutely had a blast sewing with her last spring!