Sunday, March 28, 2010

Projects and such

Now with a semi clean room I am able to get a few things started/finished.  I finished an Aster Manor quilt I've been working on.  I like how it turned out.

Started another quilt using some old fabrics I had in this same pattern.  Don't love it as much as the one above.  I think I might just stop with the squares in the middle and sell it as a baby quilt.  I do love the fabrics, but not loving the pattern I choose to do them in.  I've had it laid out so I can figure out what to do next with it.

I have also been able to keep up on my quilting!  I finally got this quilt completed after I have held onto it since before SAM was born!  I bet Judy will be glad to finally get her quilt back.  I have actually done 2 more since, and have another to do tonight.  My goal is to complete each quilt before I get the next one.  That is easy when business is slow right now!  But that is the way I like it with my hectic life these days.  I loved quilting this and LOVE The fabrics.  It makes me want to make my own copy of it!

Found this blog and love her style.  I decided to join her in my first quilt along online.  It is so much fun to complete these blocks.  Starting a bit late (they are into it 5 weeks) but I had to do it after seeing how Rachel's is turning out.  Love the Simple Abundance line she choose, so of course I had to have one just like it.  Finally found a layer cake and just got started this week.  I have completed 5 of the 10 blocks so far.  Trust me, that is excellent for me when it comes to blocks type quilts.  I have 3 block of the month projects and 1 mystery project sitting in bags currently untouched!  I am loving this one and can't wait to get it completed.  I also love doing a few blocks every few nights.  Feels like I'm actually accomplishing something.

I'm hoping to keep up the momentum and keep it going this week.  I'll keep you posted! 

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polly said...

i can't believe how much you get accomplished! i love the quilts you have shown here. i can't believe i am related to you!