Monday, June 30, 2014

Christmas in July

If you follow me at all on Instagram you might have seen my urging everyone to start their Christmas projects early!  I know its early - I've had Christmas fabric coming and selling since February - and it is SO early.

But - I also remember how I felt last year during the holidays - my bucket list of 20 things to do with the kids in the month of December.... 2 got done.  I was tired and a little depressed the whole month of December.  My heart wasn't in it, which makes me sad because normally I love Christmas.

So this year - I'm urging everyone to think of Christmas early.  Get those projects going.  I always have a list a mile long of quilts I want to make people and I never get to them - so I will be sewing right along with you the whole month of July.

To help motivate you all to finish up some WIPs - I am having a Christmas in July Quilt Sale - meaning All Christmas patterns (snowflakes, candy canes, holly, bells, anything with Christmas in the title) will be on sale for $.01 per inch the whole month of July.  This is big - as a lot of those popular Christmas patterns are detailed and dense - and are some of the highest priced patterns I have - so take advantage.  ON TOP of the pattern sale - if you have a quilt in a Christmas pattern or Christmas material - and you aren't feeling a Christmas pattern - you too can chose any pattern you want for the $.01 per inch special.

Here is the catch - I have to receive the quilt between July 1st - 31st.  I am currently running around 4 weeks out - and from what I've seen on Instagram I'm thinking I will get a fair amount of quilts - so this may put me into an 8 week or so turnaround.  So keep that in mind - and send what you have as early as possible.  Patterns are EDGE to EDGE designs only.  No special trims/borders etc available with this sale.  No rush orders will be accepted as part of the sale either.

So pull out your WIPs, grab a Christmas project/quilt/bundle and get going.  You have a month!  Check back as I will be sharing the projects I am going to be working on - I have 6 (ouch) that I need to whip through this month.  I'm also going to be offering up some kits and a fun Fat Quarter Challenge in the next week - so stay tuned!  We are only 177 days until Christmas.  If you start working on projects - post them to instagram using #christmasinjulyalong fun inspiration!

If you're new to my blog - Hi thanks for stopping by - and if you're interested in quilting - take a look at my pinterest board to see the patterns I'm offering - and at the top has my email address if you want more information shoot me an email!  Thanks


Ginny said...

Great idea as I am always running behind! Great sale too!

CJ said...

Sweet offer! I HOPE that I can take advantage...My plans do not always equal God's plans though. ;)

CJ said...

I thought your patterns were in separate boards by price on Pinterest, or by design? Now they all seem mixed up. Any way to have a Christmas/Holiday board?

Debbie said...

I've got one ready! Yay!

Joy said...

Such a fun idea and generous offer! I have already declared my #christmasinjuly with cross stitch and quilting gifts/decor. All of my needles are busy!