Saturday, February 15, 2014

Lesson's From Jake

Most days I ask Jake how school is going.  Who he played with at recess, what he learned about, if he was kind and had good manners. 

A few weeks ago - I picked him up from school and he got in the cry with big tears in his eyes saying this was the worst day ever. 

You see - at recess they have what he calls "Boys Club/Girls Club" the boys go into one area and the girls are in another.  In the past it didn't seem like much happened up to that point.  But today he said they all started hitting each other.  I asked him what he did.  "I went and told the teacher."  I asked what she did "nothing" he said.  So he had gone to play by himself and was so sad and lonely.  My heart just ached - as I didn't think I'd be having to deal with this so early on.  I told Jake I was very proud of him for doing what was right and for not hitting.  For trying to make the situation better. 

The next day he was upset again - told me he started his own club the "super hero club" and no one would join.  It makes me teary just thinking about it now.  I almost wanted to tell him to go back to the old club and hit the girls - to just fit in and not have to worry about being on his own.  I asked him what a few of his friends did at recess - and told him to go find those friends tomorrow.  To stay strong and just play with other kids.  There doesn't need to be a club - just play. 

The next day he told me Katie and Bailey joined the club - and each day after he'd tell me another name or two.  He has a lot of kids in his club now - and even has a cute girl who offers people treats to come join the super hero club.  haha. 

I am so grateful I have such a sweet kind child who knows right from wrong - he has such a good head on his shoulders - and he stayed strong even through a few tough lonely days on the playground.  Instead of giving in to peer pressure and going with the flow - he stood up for what he knows he should do - and was a leader.  I am such a proud mom - and terrified of what the next 16 years will bring.  I mean - if there is this much drama in 3 hours of school a day already ---- heaven help me.

Being a mom is the best. 


Lola said...

This just warms my heart. He sounds like a leader - maybe someone who will do great things in his life.

Lola in NW MN

Empty Closet Quilting said...

He sounds like a great kid, with a supportive mom!

Polly said...

He is a great kid he is smart and he is good just like his mom I love the quote it is so true we are sent children as they are and they teach us how to live and how to love, love your mom

Polly said...
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