Wednesday, January 22, 2014

WIP Wednesdays

So - I said I wasn't making goals for this year - but I have SO MANY quilts I want to get to - I decided I needed to make a list to keep me on track. 

My biggest goal for this year is to finish some of the projects I have started.  I've told myself - each month, even if I'm working on a new project - I need to have an UFO out and getting done as well. 

Here is a list of UFO's for this year - these are projects I have actually started - as in have completed blocks. 
- Route 44
- Swoon
- Christmas Granny Square
- Lincoln
- Vintage
- Round and Round
- Halloween Little Lollies
- Scrumptious Squares

On my list of quilts I want to make - I've been looking through my Quilts I Love pinterest page and my goal this year is to get some of these quilts - or types of quilts made.  Starting with an Irish Chain.  I'm loving Irish Chains lately - just debating on a 2 color way or scrappy fun like this one.  I'm leaning this way using Happy Go Lucky....

So my list of new projects
- Irish Chain
- On a Whim (have fabrics out of High Streets)
- Christmas Round and Round (cut - just need to start it)
- April Showers blue/green quilt
- Cotton way - Cabin Christmas
- Plan C - JUST LIKE THIS (I also have it out of 12 days of Christmas and martinque  maybe I'll get them all done together)
- Scrap Jar Star out of my Florence fat quarters
- Jacob's Ladder quilt - something like this
- Button Box - like this one!
- Snow Blossoms  - out of Scrumptious

If you've made it this far down my list thanks!  Here is what I started working on in December.  I had big goals to be done by January - now I'm being a little more realistic and say - by the end of February. 

- Saw this on Instagram and had to have my own.  I've got everything cut out and working through my blocks.

- HST in Marmalade - I started these blocks a year ago after taking Camille's first Craftsy class.  During Christmas break - Carrie and Thelma worked their way through a HST quilt which got me motivated to get mine out again.  I am LOVING working on this quilt and am so excited to get it done.  5 blocks down - making more HST and going to try Sherri's method - I'm thinking it will cut down some time in the trimming process for me.

- Route 44 - I took a class from Carrie of the Ms Rosie fame a few years back and I LOVE these blocks - no idea why it got pushed aside .... ok maybe I do - I think I had a 2 month old at the time of the class.  But - I dug it out - and had a few blocks to finish - they are all finished and trimmed and I just need to lay it out!  I've been working on cleaning my sewing room - from the tornado of 2013 and will have plenty of space to start this project back up in the next few days. 

- Lincoln - I have 2 of these quilts in the work - one for me and one for a bday present someone ordered in july..... I'm slow - but my goal is to have it finished by the end of February.  Loving the low volume prints from French General.  This is going to be a beautiful, classy looking quilt!    Its twin sized - so I'm figuring out how to enlarge the pattern without ruining its perfection.  I think that is why I've procrastinated - seems like so many more blocks have to be done! 

These are my main projects I'm working on - REALLY trying to finish them before starting another one - but I can't make any promises.  I feel like my April Showers fabric is calling my name!  I may need to start on a small project in the meantime so I have it finished by the time yardage arrives.  I'm hoping to have a few kits of a quilt in store for you all!  I'll keep you posted. 

Thanks for sticking with my lengthy post!  I think I'm getting my mojo back!


Bev said...

Your list looks a lot like mine! I hope you have more success than I have in completing it. ;-)

Mary Truax said...

The quilts are beautiful and the fabrics well suited to the patterns. I especially like the blue/gray and brown stars and rails.

Susan Smith said...

I love your list!! For a couple of reasons: It is about the same length as mine and many of your quilts are either the same as what I'm doing or are on my to do list! Our taste in both patterns and fabrics is very similar!! Best wishes for lots of completions!!

Litamora's Quilt & Design said...

So many beautiful quilts, and the quilting looks great! It's so much fun quilting quilts that are square and even. Makes it easier too:-) Wish you a great and creative weekend :-)

Sarah said...

Your to do list is impressive. There is some very pretty quilts on there. Aiming to finish one thing a month is a good realistic aim I think. PS the Country a Girls fabric I bought from you over Instagram arrived safely in Australia. Thank you xx