Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Sam

My baby is 4 years old today!  Can you believe my youngest is 4?  It feels like just yesterday I was pregnant - begging the doctor to take him out of me!  But he wouldn't budge.  When they delivered him C-Section he was breech - which tells me he would have stayed camped out a little longer had I let him. 
He is a momma's boy - and I'll admit it - I love it! 

Sam is an all or nothing kind of kid.  He's all in or he's out.  He has the strongest personality I've ever come across.  And he's always been this way.  He's strong willed, stubborn, demanding.  All traits that are sometimes hard to deal with in a toddler - but I know - watch out world - as he grows and gets older - these traits will push him through life and he will be a strong man. 

My baby is wild and crazy - but has the sweetest heart.  He loves to cuddle and be held.  He still wants me to sleep by him "the whole time" as he says to me every night when I tuck him into bed.  He has a hard time expressing his emotions - when he does something that hurts someone else's feelings or hurts them (by accident) he gets so upset.  He has such a tender heart and loves the people in his life so much. 

As he grows up - every day we have  conversations that makes me laugh.  He tells me about his dreams, about what would "be so funny", about what he wants to do with "me, and dad, and Jake, and you mom".  He is shy and timid, yet fearless and strong - I realize these things contradict each other, but it is true - and he sometimes has 2 personalities (should I be worried?)

This boy is my heart - he is so animated and fun.  So full of life and wants to live every single minute (as long as someone holds his hand).  He completed our family - and has made my world so much more and keeps me on my toes.  He is my special Sammy - and I only hope he stays a momma's boy for years to come. 

Today - like most days- I'm going to let him rule the roost and do anything he wants! 

Happy Birthday Sam - Love you SOOOOOOOO much. 


Stitched With Prayer said...

Awww...You tugged at my heartstrings with your birthday tribute to your beautiful (tell him I said handsome *wink) son. I hope his birthday is super wonderful for the entire family. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Big hugs to both you and Sam!
*Love the curly hair :oD

Empty Closet Quilting said...

Happy Birthday to your little man!

Polly said...

What a special little boy our Sam is. I'm so grateful I get to be part of his life. I have a little soft spot for him. There's nothing like his smile!

Carrie said...

What a beautifully sweet tribute to your beautiful boy! Here's hoping he grows into a wonderful man that stays true to the sweet boy he is now. 🎂