Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

I have been seeing a lot of quilts coming and going through my house lately.  I try really hard to to pick favorites.  I enjoy each and every quilt -

But every so often a quilt comes in - that I would love to keep.  These two quilts stole my heart.  They were for a couple of little boys beds that coordinated but didn't match.  After quilting these ones up I wanted to make a few for myself!
I loved the simplicity of the of the patchwork - and how she mixed in a pirate line with chevrons and dots.  I think she even threw in a couple pieces of a sheet set.  The combo was perfect!

Erin chose Skulls for this quilt which fit it perfectly.  

For her backings she used white and the cool ombre dots from V and Co's last line.  Such a fun idea!

The 2nd quilt had the same water/sea them but was made of up completely different fabrics using similar colors.  She also made this one a big ole tumbler and I LOVE IT!

She chose Bubbles  as the quilt pattern and again it was perfect!

She used the same ombre dot fabric just a different color.  

Erin was sweet enough to send me a finished picture once the room was all done up.  It is so fun to see quilts at home and in their own space.  Ever since quilting these ones up I've been pondering what type of fabrics to use to do something similar for my boys bunk beds.  Even a few months after the fact I keep thinking about how cute these quilts are!  I'm so grateful to have such inspiration everyday through this quilting business!  Thanks Erin.  

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Cheryl said...

What beautiful quilting, I love the way the bubbles look on the tumbler quilt!