Friday, July 26, 2013

Client Quilts

I haven't shared client quilts in awhile and I've done a ton!  I've done a few that I didn't want to give back.  So I thought I'd give you all a look!

First up was from a new client Kathy who's mother passed away recently.  She had about 25 quilts waiting to be quilted and this was the first one she brought over.  I love this pattern and the bright cheery colors! 

Kathy chose Posies 2 as her pattern.  It was perfect for this quilt.  

This was the 2nd quilt Kathy brought to me and her sister gets this one.  Kathy and her sister are joint at the hip and make me smile every time they come over.  They are the cutest, funny, loving 2 women!  

I would have never thought I needed a bee quilt - until I saw this one.  I love the combo of yellow, black, and grey.  LOVE the checkered board.  

I used a new pattern that honestly I didn't think I would get much use out of.  It's called Bee Happy.  It is hard to see here - but has some cute big flowers and bees.  

Can you see the little bee?  So cute!

I'm still offering $.01 an inch for all edge to edge patterns.  Go take a look here.
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Esther F. said...

Ahw, those are adorable! I spotted the bee, super cute critter!
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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous quilts and quilting. Thanks for sharing. Marie