Saturday, June 25, 2011

18 Months

Is this not the cutest little guy alive?  (I say that about Jake too.)  I can't believe 18 months has come and gone.  My little Sammy is the craziest, most loving, cuddling, biting, pulling hair, laughing, crying, cutest smile out there little guy. 

Sam  - you go all day long.  With little sleep, and you love to play ALL DAY.  Anyone who spends anytime with you is lucky to get any down time.  First thing in the morning you wake up with a smile, and crawl right out of bed.  I often worry you're going to fall because your eyes are still closed, but from the moment you wake up you're on the go.  You are such a happy boy (as long as you're doing something) and you smile and laugh all the time.  Playing outside is your favorite past time right now, and I can't get enough of your beautiful blue eyes and white/blond hair. 

 You have brought a craziness into our lives I never expected, yet we needed.  You keep us on our toes.  You have a determination to do everything and get into everything, and you find a way to do it.  A trait that may be challenging for a mama to deal with right now, but I know with time that determination will get you everything you want in this world.  You don't give up on anything - which will serve you well in the future.

Right now you are still learning words - you only say a few, but somehow you manage to communicate exactly what you want when you want it.  We know when you want to eat, play on the computer, swim, go outside, watch a show. Pointing at airplanes and running after dogs. You would be the best at playing charades and I would certainly want to be on your team.  I am so excited to see you form sentences and have conversations with you.  I have watched that little brain of yours think and try so hard to talk for so long now, that once it happens I think you will speak in sentences and be able to tell me all the things you've been thinking.  I can't wait to have little talks about your day, and your dreams, and plans for tomorrow.  
Sam, you've got the cutest little smile and laugh.  I love getting your open mouth kisses and how you come running to me when I walk in the door.  Every time I pick you up you lay your head on my shoulder and pat my back.  So sweet and loving.  You still have a few issues with hitting, biting and pulling hair but we're working on those and you're growing out of that stage.  I hope you will always want to hug and cuddle with me.  I treasure our nights together when you cuddle into the nook of my arms and hold my hand.  I know these moments won't last forever.  I always smile a little (even at 3am) when you have lay your head on me to go back to sleep.  For as active as you are, there is nothing sweeter than snuggling up with you at night.

I love watching you play with Jake.  It is so fun to see you both get excited when the other one wakes up in the morning.  I love how you kiss him and hug him.  I also love how you body slam him.  It is fun to watch you give back to Jake everything he gives to you.  I love that you aren't afraid of him and you get right in there with him to play, even if he isn't welcoming you at the moment.  I hope you two will grow up and love playing together.  Love spending time with each other, and realize you have to be there for each other growing up.  No one knows you like a sibling does, and I hope you remember that and stay close to each other as you grow up.  My brothers and sister are my best friends at this point in my life, and I hope as you grow you keep Jake close by.  He will always protect you and love you like no one else will. 

 Sammy, you have been a light in our home - a menace and crazy, but so much fun.  You are a mamas boy right now, and I secretly love that about you.  We have a special bond and I hope you will always remember how much I love you.  As you grow up stay you.  The mischievous, curious, determined, stubborn, fun loving little boy that you are.  Those traits will serve you well over time and bring you all the happiness you can imagine.

Always remember that Mama loves you.

Love you,


whit said...

that's the cutest post!! I love little Sam and you're such a great mom to him

Travelin'Oma said...

What a darling boy!

polly said...

he is the cutest little bundle of trouble i've ever snuggled with. love his rosy cheeks with his white hair. love his mischeivious smile when he knows he's doing something he shouldn't. love his chubby little body. he's my little buddy.