Friday, December 3, 2010

My Baby is ONE

My little Sam - my're one!

Everything changes in a blink of an eye.  It seems like just yesterday I was praying for my water to break daily so I could meet you.  This last year with you has been so fun...and tiring, but mostly fun.

Coming into your family was an emotional ride for me.  I was so worried about how you and Jake would interact.  I was worried about how a new baby would affect Jake, and how my attention would be with two kids.  Would I give you what you needed?  All of these concerns and worries left me quickly as the whole family fell in love with you.

Watching you grow up has put smile after smile on my face.  You are so stubborn and know exactly what you want already.  You are happy and smile all the time.  You dance and jabber up a storm.  It is so much fun to watch you twirl around the room or bounce up and down whenever music comes on.  I love to turn the TV up real loud when you're in the other room.  As soon as you hear music you come running down the hall.  Your cute little body runs so fast when you're excited.

You are very curious and love to explore.  I watch you wander around the house looking for your next electronic something to pick up.  You love remotes, phones, you think you are your fathers child?  Picking up a cell phone you hold it and start typing - as if you're texting someone.

Over the past several months you have begun to interact with Jake.  I love watching the two of you play together.  Whether it be wrestling on the floor (you've got a great body slam), watching a show, playing a game on the ipad, or trying to steal Jake's toys.  I can tell you're going to be great friends.  I love watching you run after Jake.  When he goes into another room, you run following after him.

Bringing you into our house also made Jake a big brother.  Even though he knocks you down from time to time, he is so protective of you.  Always wondering where you are, screaming for me to help you if you're in trouble.  When he sees you each morning, he says "hey smiley baby baby" in his cute little baby voice.  He has become a new little person because of you.  I am so grateful you two will always have each other.  I hope for years to come you will be playmates and friends.

Even though I LONG for sleep away from you, I have loved our nights together.  Your new thing is, when I take you into your room to rock you to sleep as we have done every night since the day you were born, you squirm and scream and refuse your bottle.  I let you go and your run to the closed door, just staying a foot or two away from it.  I open the door and you escape, running immediately into my room, up the stairs to the bed and you lay down, ready for your bottle and bed.  Mike made the comment that you're a little person who knows what he wants, and apparently its to sleep in my bed.

At night you scoot right into my arms, making sure I am spooning or holding you a better part of the night.  A habit I was so happy that you didn't have - the bug has now bit you and we seem to be inseparable now.  I often wonder how it will feel to no longer have my babies sleeping with me at night.  I have to say, I love cuddling up to you or feeling you lay on me for comfort.  I will miss these days I'm sure all too soon.

You are my smiley little guy who loves to be held.  I treasure these days (even when I've held you ALL DAY).  I know all too soon you will be big and tall.  I can't wait to hear your little voice speak little words.  You try so hard right now.  I sometimes pretend like we're having real conversations.  You answer me in your babble and we go back and forth.  I can see your mind working, trying to communicate, trying to make me understand.  I can already see you are going to be smart and catch onto everything quickly.

As you grow up, remember your mama loves you more than anything.  I will always be here for you.  My only expectation in this life is to have happy children.  And I will help do whatever I can to help you live a happy life.  I think we've started out right.

I love you smiley guy.  Can't wait for the next years of your life!

Happy Birthday!


polly said...

Happy Birthday Sam! You are a special little boy. This was a lovely post that Sam will enjoy reading someday soon!

Travelin'Oma said...

This is so precious, Abby.

whit said...

Happy Birthday my boy!! Abby I love this post!!

Kelly said...

I can't believe he's one already! Happy Birthday little man! You should put together a little book for him, he'd LOVE it!