Monday, December 28, 2009

Getting to know you

We've spent the better part of December getting to know our little Sam. Having two kids has been an adjustment for us all. I've been really lucky that Mike has worked from home the whole month of December, so there is always two people around in case of two screaming children. My mom has also been around to help all month long.

Sam is a pretty good baby overall. We've had a few days where he cries a lot, but for the most part he is pretty content. He even sleeps 4 -5 hours during the first stretch of the night. Mike and I go to bed these days around 9 with the kids and it helps get a 5 hour stretch of sleep before the first feeding! We've had a few nights where the baby has woken up Jake which aren't that much fun for anyone. But Jake is adjusting well.

Jake tells us all the time how cute baby Sam is, he likes to touch his hands and feet. Jake has gotten a little louder and falls to the ground upset a little more often then he use to, but I think that is pretty mild compared to what other two year olds with a new baby in the house may do. He never takes it out on Sam. Occasionally he'll ask me to lay Sam down so I can hold him, but he isn't upset at Sam so we are lucky that way.

I think everyday will get a little easier. We are just happy that Sam is here and is healthy.

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polly said...

nothing cuter than those two little boys!