Friday, October 16, 2009

The Song Remembers When

It is always amazing to me how a song can take you back to a different time. I found a bunch of cd’s that were the first cds I ever burned right after high school. All of the songs took me back to riding around in my orange “pumpkin” jetta as we called it. Late nights driving around doing nothing, but singing to the radio, doing “drive bys”, an occasional adventure on state street, or road trippin it to a basketball game. Oh the good times we had.

But, I digress… the music, the power of a song and the ability to take you back 15 years is amazing to me. When my grandparents were alive we use to have sing alongs. We sang old songs, Edelweiss, Show me the way to go home, Tators in the oven, songs I’m sure a lot of people have never heard before. Songs I hadn’t sung or thought about in years, but as soon as my little Jake was born they became part of our bedtime routine. It is fun now for me to hear him sing along, or even just get a word in here or there, but they always seem to calm him down and grab his attention.

Take a trip down memory lane. Use Napster, Pandora, itunes, old cds, whatever you can find to take you back to those special moments. I forget sometimes what a powerful hold music has in our lives. Without even realizing it a song can take you back years to a memory you had long forgotten. I try to keep this in mind now with having a little guy of my own. I wonder what songs he’ll remember from his childhood and hope in 20 years when he hears Edelweiss he’ll remember how his mom use to sing it to him at night.

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